12ft. Smacks Boat | Specification

The hull of the Smacks Boat is three layers of glass-fibre mat with a double gel coat. Any colour gel can be supplied, the most popular colours are white and grey. The buoyancy is formed from 9mm marine plywood encapsulated in glass-fibre. Brian has considered making an internal moulding for the boat, but has rejected the idea because of the flexibility to fit boats out to an owners own specification afforded by using plywood and glass-fibre. As Brian says "Every boat is an individual."

The standard fit-out is varnished iroko and douglas fir with polished bronze fittings from Davey's. The spars are made from clear Douglas fir and are usually varnished, The sail is made by Steven Hall of North Sea Sails and comes complete with a sleeve for sail and spars. The boats can be supplied with primed wood and still to have the rigging finished, but are normally supplied in a "sail away" condition.

Key Statistics
Length 12ft 3ins
Beam 5ft
Draught 6ins (plate up) 2ft 9ins (down)
Sail area Approx 82sq ft
Weight Approx 250lbs, 114kg

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