12ft. Smacks Boat | History

The common cry from traditionalists is that GRP boats all look the same, (generally ugly) however the Smacks Boat bucks the trend.

First produced in the early 1970's from one of the last wooden dinghies built by master craftsman Alf Last of Cooks Barge Yard, Maldon, it has been evolving ever since. Early versions were sold to yacht and smack owners as tenders and many shells were fitted out by enthusiastic amateurs. By the late eighties the mould was worn out and an injection of cash and enthusiasm was needed.

Maldon boatbuilder Brian Kennell acquired the mould and rights to produce the Smacks Boat. Since then he has been steadily building Smacks Boats for an enthusiastic East Coast clientele for the last 25 years. Every boat built by Brian has been fitted out to the client's individual specification.

Only the amount of buoyancy remains the same, there can be no compromise on that. Often Brian has incorporated owner's good ideas into subsequent dinghies until the boat produced today is simple and elegant in its functionality and grace on the water.

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